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Avoid injury with these scaffolding safety tips

Scaffolding accidents are a major concern in many industries, with construction at the top of the list. While it's convenient to use this set-up on a job site, it's associated with many risks.

Fortunately, there are a variety of scaffolding safety tips you can follow to avoid an accident and injury in Georgia. Here are five to follow at all times:

  • Inspect scaffolding before use: If you spot any damage or defect, remove the scaffolding from the job site and discuss the problem with your supervisor. Using damaged scaffolding is a mistake that can result in an accident.
  • Don't overload the scaffolding: Scaffolding has a weight limit, and you should know what it is at all times. Pushing past this limit is a mistake, as additional weight increases the risk of the scaffolding collapsing.
  • Always use guardrails: Although these may get in the way at times, the use of guardrails goes a long way in helping prevent falls over the edge.
  • Don't move scaffolding while erect: Yes, it's a pain to dismantle and then reassemble scaffolding in a new location, but it's a must from a safety perspective. Moving scaffolding while erect can loosen connections, making a collapse more likely.
  • Regular inspections are a must: In addition to inspecting scaffolding before use, someone on the job site should do this at predetermined intervals.

What to do after a scaffolding accident

Even with these safety tips guiding you and your coworkers, you could still suffer an injury in a scaffolding accident. If this happens, take these steps:

  • Immediately administer first aid to any injuries
  • Call 911 for help
  • Report the accident and cause to your supervisor
  • Receive medical treatment at a local hospital
  • Follow the treatment schedule provided by your medical team

Most of your attention should turn to your health, as immediate treatment improves your chance of making a full recovery.

Once you're stable and able to discuss your future with your doctor, determine if and when you can return to work. Should you find yourself facing a long recovery period, file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. This money will allow you to focus on your health as you recover, as opposed to worrying too much about your finances.

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